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Building lasting relationships
with one another
and the clients we serve

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Who We Are

National Organization of Trusted Advisors (NTA) is a community of Trusted Advisors who build lasting relationships with one another and the clients we serve. Our values are trust, collaboration, and a give-first mentality, with an intention to learn together so that we provide the best service to our clients and help our business communities thrive.

How we're different

How We’re Different

We’re all about building relationships first – and our businesses second. We’re not a leads group, although your company may certainly grow as you build relationships with fellow Trusted Advisors and referrals are given and received. Learn how to attend a meeting, get to know us, and join NTA.

Is NTA for You?

If you are a business professional who builds trusted relationships over time with your clients and you’d like to collaborate with like-minded Trusted Advisors locally and throughout the United States, NTA might be a good fit for you. We are not a leads organization, so leave your business cards and flyers at home and come meet with us and build new friendships and forge new business relationships. Join us for up to two meetings as a guest.

Is NTA For You

Interested In Becoming a Trusted Advisor?

Our membership committee will help you determine if being a trusted advisor is right for you.

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    NTA Provides Me With Access to Trusted Professionals Where I Can Confidently Refer My Clients

    “NTA provides me with access to trusted professionals where I can confidently refer my clients. Prior to my exposure to this wonderful group, I was unaware of the true value that can be had when networking with reliable business partners. I have also received countless referrals. In fact, I have received so many referrals that if I did not get business from any other place, I could still have a successful agency on the strength of those referrals alone. I continue to work closely with other NTA members on many personal and professional needs.”

    Ryan Jaramillo, Apex Insurance Agency
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    The People in This Organization Were the Trusted Partners I Wanted to Forge Deep Relationships With

    “My NTA membership has been one of the most fruitful I’ve experienced throughout my decades of business ownership. I knew from the very first meeting in Colorado that the people in this organization were the trusted partners I wanted to forge deep relationships with. Since that time, I’ve made countless forever-friends and referral partners, and have received advice, direction, and referrals that have helped shape my business. The best part is having a quiver of trusted professionals to whom I can refer business when my clients are looking for expertise outside of marketing.”

    Cindy Skerjanec, 5280 Accelerator
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    I Have Many NTA Trusted Resources Who Can Help My Clients

    “Some NTA Members have become clients, which is of mutual value. Many NTA Members have made referrals and introductions; some of whom I was able to help, and many have become clients. I have learned quite a bit from members, guests, and presenters. Most importantly, however, I have many NTA Trusted resources who can help my clients, and others, with marketing, financials, evaluations, coaching, process improvement, etc. This adds value to me because my members get more qualified help than I can provide, and I look good because I add value to my customers (and to my fellow Trusted Advisors)!”

    Bob Dodge, The Alternative Board Denver West
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    NTA Provides Me With Easy Access to a Network of Professionals

    “NTA provides me with easy access to a network of professionals from a wide variety of industries that I count on for honest opinions, partnering opportunities, and trusted referrals.”

    Jeff Klawsky, Klawsky Consulting