NTA Chapters

NTA is a non-profit association that serves the leaders of business organizations. Virtual meetings are held with nationwide members and guests, and in-person meetings current take place in Colorado and New Mexico. We are actively expanding our in-person chapters in Texas and Florida. If you are interested in learning more about starting an NTA chapter in your state, please contact us.

Be Our Guest!

Guests are invited to attend two in-person or virtual meetings, plus two “3-by” meetings prior to submitting a membership application. 3-by meetings last 60-90 minutes and take place away from regularly scheduled chapter meetings. They are a great way for members and guests to get to know each other better, discuss specific business topics, and learn more about NTA. We have learned that when three people get together it fosters better opportunities to get to know one another.

Interested in Starting a Chapter?

We are a national organization and always looking to grow. We are currently developing chapters in Texas and Florida and welcome requests to establish chapters in other states.

There are many benefits to leveraging NTA in your state, including:

  • Administration, accounting, and dues processing
  • Website and social media presence
  • Guidance for growth and member benefits
  • Marketing flyers, testimonials, etc.
  • Training on NTA Constant Contact for marketing
  • Food/meeting costs
  • National content and programming (Trust Discussions, Networking Tips)
  • Turn-key meeting structure
  • Member Digest and personal videos
  • National programming on Zoom
  • Annual National Conference
  • Member badges and NTA gift items

Contact us to learn more!