1. How do I register for a meeting?
    If you are a member of NTA, please log in, go to https://nta-home.org/events/categories/meetings/ and click on the meeting you are interested in attending. Click on “Book Now” and add any comments you’d like. We encourage guests to register on their own for better calendar management.
    If you are a Guest please click on “Guest Registration” in the top navigation bar prior to registering for a meeting, or navigate to the meeting you’d like to attend, click on “Book Now” and you’ll be prompted to either log in as a guest or register as one.
  1. How many meetings are held each month?
    NTA holds monthly in-person meetings in Colorado and New Mexico, and a virtual Zoom meeting for all NTA member and guests nationwide. Additionally, we sponsor one Annual Meeting/Conference, and periodic social gatherings throughout the year. Check out the complete schedule and register for an upcoming event by checking out the Meetings page.
  1. What is a “3-by” Meeting?
    3-by meetings last 60-90 minutes and take place away from all regularly scheduled chapter meetings.  They are a great way for members and guests to get to know each other better, discuss specific business topics, and learn more about NTA. We have learned that when three people get together it fosters better opportunities to get to know one another.
  1. How do I join NTA?
    Once you have attended two in-person or virtual meetings and two 3-by meetings, you may submit your request for membership. Our Membership Committee will review your application, submit it to the membership for a vote, and let you know of your status.
  1. How many members from a single discipline may join or be part of any one chapter?
    There are no industry or discipline restrictions for membership, but membership is selective. We encourage memberships from a wide variety of industries and professions as we believe that each professional brings unique elements to their services. This approach encourages diversity within NTA and among various disciplines.
  1. What are the membership dues?
    Annual dues are determined at the end of each calendar year for the upcoming year. Annual dues are $375 for Standard Membership or $250 for Virtual Membership, and prorated based on the month you join. Renewal invoices are sent in December and due by January 31.
  1. How is NTA different from other professional groups?
    NTA is carefully designed to facilitate relationships among its members. We are not your typical lead-generating group where members focus on handing out business cards in hopes of gaining new clients. While members may conduct business with each other, the group functions primarily to grow a knowledgeable, trusted network of advisors that benefits every member both personally and professionally.
  1. Why should I join NTA?
    NTA provides its members with an opportunity to get more business through referrals from and strategic collaborations with members, to provide clients with access to trusted advisors who can help them with their needs and problems which may include collaborative consultations and to enhance their skills and resources through sharing with other trusted advisors.
  1. What happens during a regular meeting?
    Our regular monthly meetings are structured to provide information and networking opportunities for members and guests alike.  This typically includes normal business issues, networking time, a chance to remind those in attendance of what your business is, a professional development presentation and a chance to learn about any guests who are present.