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The National Organization of Trusted Advisors (NTA) is a member-driven, chapter-centered organization providing opportunities for Trusted Advisors to: (1) regularly interact with other trusted advisors in their local area, (2) through knowledge sharing sessions, expand their general knowledge of local, state, and national initiatives impacting their customers’ businesses, and (3) as a group, expand their influence within their local economies.

nta nodesEach chapter selects its own leadership, determines the requirements for membership and annual dues, and sets the programming and other activities for its membership. Chapters are encouraged to regularly interact with other chapters to share their experiences and programming with the goal of continuous improvement.

Through administrative structure and resources provided by NTA, all chapters can share information and best practices to minimize “re-inventing the wheel.” This assists the chapters in focusing on programming and not on administrative functions, as well as avoiding mistakes and issues that other chapters have already worked through.

As with any organization, there are compliance and reporting requirements for federal, state, and local authorities and reporting for transparency to the members in each of the chapters. NTA provides those administrative services to the chapters. Those services include general administration support, accounting and reporting, billing, compliance reporting, state and federal income and other tax filings, website maintenance, and communications.

NTA maintains a website that includes general information about NTA and specific information for each chapter. The members-only pages include the membership application, a membership directory, a calendar of events, a discussion forum for sharing information, and e-mail communications capabilities between members. The calendar of events includes a reservation system for meeting attendance.

NTA is committed to continuing collaboration and innovation along with its chapters and members to bring distinction and meaning to the NTA brand and its value to members and their business community.