All state chapters of the National Organization of Trusted Advisors follow the same application procedures.

The process begins when a member invites a guest to one of our regular monthly meetings.  As with our membership, guests must meet the member definition as described on the About Us page on our website.  Prospective members are asked to attend two meetings.  At the conclusion of each meeting, we create small three-person groups wherein the prospective member meets with two others for coffee, breakfast, lunch, or whatever else works to gain a deeper knowledge of the other two, personally and professionally.  It also affords an opportunity for the prospective member to ask the members specific questions about the chapter or the organization as a whole.

If after participation in these meetings a prospective member wishes to join, they are sent a link to our electronic application and Code of Conduct to review, complete, and submit for further consideration.

Membership applications are evaluated by that chapter's leadership or committee (depending on how the chapter is organized) and voted on.

Each state chapter has set its own yearly dues which will be prorated based on the month a new member joins.  Each chapter also sets its own professional occupation limits to maintain balance within their chapter.  Please contact your sponsoring member for more details.

For additional information about membership in the National Organization of Trusted Advisors, please contact the Administrator.

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