How to Join NTA

How to Join NTA

Be Our Guest!

Guests are invited to attend two in-person or virtual meetings, plus two “3-by” meetings prior to submitting a membership application3-by meetings last 60-90 minutes and take place away from regularly scheduled chapter meetings.  They are a great way for members and guests to get to know each other better, discuss specific business topics, and learn more about NTA.

The Membership Process

Once you have attended two in-person or virtual meetings and have had two 3-by meetings, you may submit your request for membership. There are no industry or discipline restrictions for membership, but membership is selective. Our Membership Committee will review your application, submit it to the membership for a vote, and let you know of your status.

National Organization of Trusted Advisors (NTA) is a non-profit association that serves leaders of business organizations to improve how relationships are formed and maintained through a foundation of trust, collaboration, and a give-first mentality. We’re all about building relationships first – and our businesses second. We’re not a leads group, although your company may certainly grow as you build relationships with fellow Trusted Advisors and referrals are given and received.

NTA members contribute to a diverse, competitive economy and build lasting relationships with one another and the business owners, C-suite, and private clients they serve. By continuously fostering expansion of their professional expertise and providing educational opportunities, we help drive collaborative, trusted relationships.

  • How to Join NTA
    The Exclusive, Selfless Nature of This Group Allowed Me to Grow and Learn from Professionals

    “I came into NTA as a less experienced professional with the intention of learning from a network of trusted and experienced business operators and consultants across many different industries. The exclusive, selfless nature of this group allowed me to grow and learn from professionals without the expectation of feeling like I owed something back immediately. As I have grown professionally, I now am able to refer business, request advice from and bounce ideas off of other members with zero hesitation. NTA truly provides a network of people that you can trust will have your best interest and your client’s best interests in mind.”

    Doug Hardy, Builders Update
  • How to Join NTA
    Of Greatest Importance to Me Are Those Relationships

    “I joined NTA/CTA shortly after I moved to Denver and immediately connected with several of the members. Of greatest importance to me are those relationships. Not only are several of them lasting friendships, but some have led to profitable business referrals and many members have become clients as well. Smart move I made, joining the Colorado chapter of NTA!”

    Jayne Sanders, Executive Authenticity
  • How to Join NTA
    NTA Provides a Group of Trusted Colleagues That I Get to Grow With Personally and Professionally

    “The biggest benefit NTA has provided me is a sense of community. Being a solopreneur can feel very isolating at times. NTA provides a group of trusted colleagues that I get to grow with personally and professionally. They also serve as a group of trusted advisors that I can bounce ideas off of and share best practices with which is invaluable! Plus, I have gotten several referrals which have become clients, that never hurts!”

    Kevin Stoffel, Strong People Systems
  • How to Join NTA
    I most likely would not still be in business let alone thriving without being a part of NTA.

    “Being a part of NTA, especially during the beginnings of my business, has made me a better and more successful business owner. The other members, who I consider now great friends, have provided me with excellent guidance and even challenging me in many ways. I most likely would not still be in business let alone thriving without being a part of NTA.”

    Peter Holtgreive, Partners in Business Excellence